Pool & Spa Openings 2020


Pool & Spa Openings 2020


We're looking forward to a great Summer!  

We are NOW accepting reservations to  open your pool!

We recommended not opening your pool/spas until APRIL (weather permitting)


April 17-19, 2020

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2020 pool season reminders



  • Do not turn on the pool lights immediately after opening.  The light housing must adapt and the condensation must evaporate. Turning the light on prematurely can cause the light to burn out.

  • With all chlorine-based chemicals, check your percentages to be sure the chemical content is higher than the inerts (inerts=filler added to make weight). Remember that the more filler you add to your pool, the higher the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).  As with calcium, TDS can create many problems such as chemicals locking up.  The only solution for high TDS is to drain and dilute and, in most cases, start from the beginning.  Please be aware of what you are adding to your pool beforehand.  Always have your stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid) levels checked prior to starting regular maintenance.  If levels are too high, it will cause a chemical lock-up.  

  • Dichlors and Trichlors (dry chlorine) carry a very low pH; the amount of dry chlorine may be part of the problem.  Remember, periods of low pH levels WILL cause equipment damage.  You may need to change your usage by cutting back on the granular and/or tablets and replace with liquid chlorine.

  • Please keep in mind if you are using ProTeam High Tech chemicals it is not necessary to keep your chlorine levels at 10 ppm, 3-4ppm is sufficient.

  • Be careful when using calcium-based chlorine.  Those of us who have well water, normally have a high calcium level to begin with.  If you add calcium-based chemicals to source water with high calcium, your pool may turn cloudy (think Calcium=Milk).  Calcium is a mineral which cannot be lowered in your source water.  Inevitably, you will end up flocking and will need to use clarifiers to rectify the problem. The money you thought you were saving by purchasing a cheaper chemical will now be spent fixing the problem, and your relaxing pool time will be lost as well. 

  • If you run into a problem and need to shock your pool, use liquid chlorine.  This will not lock-up your chemicals; it works fast and if used correctly for your size pool will normally correct the problem.  Always check your pH level first.  If your pH is too high, it will cause the liquid to not work properly.  You must use the correct amount of chlorine in order to shock the pool effectively.  Undercutting will ultimately be a waste of time and money.  Once you've accomplished your cleanup, balance and revert back to regular maintenance

We look forward to supporting your pool maintenance needs!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at

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